25th June 2018 50 marriage anniversary gifts for couples

50 Marriage Anniversary Gifts for Couples

It’s good to celebrate good things, and wedding anniversaries are really good things. Getting one gift which would serve the couple can be challenging though. That’s why we are making this post. In it, you’ll find 50 Marriage Anniversary Gifts for Couples.

Ferlin Picnic Backpack for 4 with Cooler Compartment

This picnic basket contains a detachable Bottle/wine holder, plates and cutlery sets for 4 and also fleece blankets. In just one bag is contained all a couple needs to have a nice picnic, without any stress. This bag also has a cooler compartment for maintaining food temperature and of course a bottle holder/cooler for wines or other drinks. For the picnic loving couple, this will make a great marriage anniversary gift for them.

King Beer Queen Wine Glass Gift Set

Do you know a beer-loving husband and wine loving wife; this will make a great couple gift for them. This glass set comes in a sturdy gift box to protect the glass. One glass is for beer for the man, and the wine glass is for the woman. The glass has the inscription King for the beer glass and Queen for the wine glass. It is dishwasher safe and the inscriptions will not wear off.

Our Q&A a Day: 3-Year Journal for 2 People Diary

This is a journal for couples; it provides prompts for them to express the way they feel about each other. It has enough space for the couple for every day for three years. It also contains questions which would make the couple discuss and get closer to each other. It’s a way of keeping tabs on the relationship and how it‘s doing. This will be a great keepsake for the future.

Personalized Blankets for Couple

This is a super soft blanket large, with various options for customization. You can choose the colours, perhaps to march the home decor of the couple, it can also be customized with the name of the couple and perhaps their wedding date. The blanket never fades, and will just be a good way to represent a never-ending love. Whenever the couple uses this super soft mink and Sherpa blanket, they’ll remember you.

52 Uncommon Dates: A Couple’s Adventure Guide for Praying, Playing, and Staying Together (Paperback)

This book is exactly what it says it is, a book with uncommon date ideas, imagine having a water date, a second first date. It not just a book with date ideas, it contains ideas on how to make a couple get closer. And if the said couple is spiritual, this book will also help their spiritual life as it helps them draw closer through prayers. With this book, this couple can improve their relationship all round.

Timeless By design Glass Cutting Board for Kitchen

Now, this is a gift for the kitchen, so majorly it’s to be used by the woman, except if the man always loves to cook. This cutting board is made from tempered glass, therefore it is designed not to show knife marks or shatter. It also comes with rubber feet which will keep the glass in place. Not only is this a functional piece, it also is going to be a decorative addition to the kitchen.

Personalized Picture Frame

These frames are made from polished wood, and they come in several styles. As part of the personalization, you can choose the style you want and the customizations you want. The customizations usually are the name of the couple and the wedding date. These customizations are engraved using laser into the wood frame. This frame can take 4 inches by 6 inches photos. Adding a beautiful picture of the couple together will make this gift perfect.

Berard Olive-Wood Handcrafted Salt Keeper

Handcrafted from wood in Tunisia, this salt keeper is going to add more beauty to any dining table. And due to the fact that it is handcrafted from wood no two of these pieces are alike. So here’s a really unique gift for a couple. It is decorative and also functional, it can hold up to a half pound of salt and also comes with a wooden lid.

Handmade Moroccan Teapot

This is bound to catch the eye of anyone with love for beautiful pieces. This handmade pot is made from brass, silver plated and it is hand-crafted in Morocco. This pot is of high quality, it is bound to be a conversation starter and it can serve 4 teacups.

Go Pro Hero5 Session

Memories are very important, especially for couples. And the ability to capture those memories in real-time in stunning pictures and video is also important. Now that’s what the Go Pro Hero5 Session does. It produces stunning photographs and videos; it comes with a very sturdy design and is water resistant up to 10m. It features 4k videos and 10MP photographs.

Pet Hammock

For the couple who love pets, gifting their pet(s) this hammock is tantamount to gifting them this. This will be especially nice for a couple who seems to have everything, and you don’t know what to give them. The hammock is made from bamboo wood; with a cross design at the middle, which makes it very sturdy. The hammock cushion is made from a very comfortable material, it is red in colour and is best used for smaller pets; cats, puppies and the likes. The pets actually love it, and it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Airbed with Inbuilt Pillow and Electric Pump

For the couple who love camping or spending nights in the outdoors, this will be a great gift. It can also be used indoors too. This very comfortable bed with inbuilt pillows is made to be mobile. It comes with a duffel bag for easy transportation when deflated, and then when the couple gets to the camping site, using the included pump it can be inflated. Camping doesn’t have to be very uncomfortable; with this camping bed, it becomes easier.

Tabletopics Couples: Questions to Start Great Conversations

There’s always something new for a couple to learn about each other and even about themselves as individuals. This card game has 135 thought-provoking questions for couples. Ranging from light-hearted to really deep and intimate questions bordering on sex and other couple activities. It is a very fun way for a couple to spend time together.

Blue House Gourmet Handcrafted Caramels

For the couple with a sweet tooth, here’s something they can both enjoy. Handmade from Blue house, these caramels come with creamy goodness, very soft, and they are very delicious. Not just delicious, but out of this world delicious. This is gourmet caramel in all its buttery goodness. You can be sure their taste buds will thank you for this. They come 20 in a gift box, ready for giving.

Turquoise and Gray Abstract Design Ceramic Succulent Plant Flower Plant

Whoever saw the Aladdin animations or read the book will find this ceramic flower pot very familiar. This eye-catching box comes with a beautiful turquoise and grey finish. For the couple who love artistic pieces, this gift they’ll love. Apart from serving as a flower pot, it can be used alone as a decorative piece for any part of the house.

Godiva Chocolate Connoisseur Supreme Gift Basket

For the chocolate loving couple, this is the ultimate gift. It contains an assortment of Godiva’s best-loved chocolate products. It comes with the Belgian Chocolates, milk chocolate bars, and chocolate truffles. It comes complete with a gift basket and ribbon, just perfect for gifting.

His and Her Soft Plush Bath Robes

They come two in a set, black and white with customizing options. These robes are super soft, made from 100% polyester fibre, with belt and pockets. This will make a great wedding anniversary gift for the couple who love to be pampered.

Espresso Maker

With this espresso maker, brewing coffee becomes even easier, double or single espresso can be brewed, using ground beans or pods. The size of the cup to be used can be programmed into the computer. This is a gift for the coffee loving couple, and whenever they use it, they’ll remember you.

Beats Pill

For the couple who love music, and would want to go everywhere with it, here’s a gift that will make that dream come through. Beats products come with superior audio quality and sturdiness, this one is no different.  It has enough power for 12hours of continuous play. It has a charger out so that you can charge your devices, and the speakerphone is enhanced so one can make calls on speaker phone easily. The speaker is Bluetooth enables, for connection.

Petcube Pet Monitor

People can enjoy time with their pets, even when they are away. That’s what this pet monitor is for. Both the video and audio is triggered by sound.  For a home enabled with Wi-Fi, the pet owners can get to see and communicate with their pet anytime they want, using the video and two way audio from the Petcube. All the monitoring is done using a Smartphone with the Petcube app.

BOSS Audio ATV/UTV Speakers

This weather-resistant set of speakers come specially made for ATVs and UTV,  so whether for leisure on the beach or enjoying time out in the outbacks, this speaker is up to the task of producing loud enough music. Comes with Bluetooth connectivity, 3.5mm jack, cigarette lighter, clamps and straps to secure the speaker to the bar of the ATV.

Then and now Personalized Photo Canvas

This canvas combines wedding pictures and a more recent picture, with both pictures being reproduced on canvas. And of course, words describing how you feel about the couple can be added to the canvas. This is best for a couple who have actually spent a long time together. It is usually ready between 2 and 9 days. Everything is then framed and comes ready to hang.

Willow Tree Promise Figurine

This figurine is 9’’ tall, and it is an image of a man and woman in each other’s arms. It is made from wood and sure to beautify any room or table it is found. For the couple who seems to have everything, here’s something to get them.

Anniversary Plate

These plates are usually available for silver or golden jubilee wedding anniversaries. This will even make it more worthwhile. This plate is made from porcelain and comes with its own stand and also a packaging box. The inscription of this plate is “Love does not look with the eyes it sees with the heart. This will make a beautiful decoration where ever it is placed.

Crazy Cosmos Wildflower Seeds Mixture (All Colours)

For the couple who loves gardening, contained in this bag are over 20,000 seeds, high-quality seeds which will increase the chance of germinating of flowers. For the couple who love to beautify their surroundings, these seeds come with 8 varieties of cosmos and they’ll bloom in ten different colours, imagine the beauty that will be displayed in their garden, all because of a gift you gave.

Ceramic Watermelon Bowl

This brightly coloured bowl is sure to liven up any surrounding where it is placed. Coming 7 inches in diameter it is big enough to serve as a salad bowl or as just a serving bowl.

Luxurious Egyptian Cotton Bed Spread

Coming 4 in a set, this bedspread has been made with luxury in mind, they are soft, smooth, absorbent and of high quality. The bed sheet comes with four-way elastic so it can fit a bed snugly and in the set is also included 2 pillowcases. The couple will love this gift and it just might be their favourite for years to come.

Personalized Wood Wine Box

If you intend getting wine for the couple, it will go well with this wine box. The box is designed elegantly, with room for engraving the name of the couple on the cover of the wine box. In the box is also included corkscrew, stopper, foil cutter and decanting pourer.  Any wine drinking couple will appreciate this gift.

Wooden Multiple Device Docking Stations.

With space for 7 devices, including tabs, phones, laptops and even wristwatch, this is the ultimate device organizer. It also comes with charging ports for all these devices, this will go along way in ending the clutter which devices and their cables always cause.  The dock is available in 3 colours.

House Beautiful Style Secrets: What Every Room Needs

Written by Sophie Donelson, who was once a senior editor at Elle Decor and Stewart’s Blueprint, she’s worked in the interior decor industry and is a voice to be listened to in home decor matters. With the information contained in this book, a couple can learn to make their home beautiful, warm and receptive just by making a few changes.

Cujo AI Smart Internet Security Firewall

Homes are becoming smart; therefore they are also becoming susceptible to hackers and other online attacks. Cujo provides a firewall that protects all the devices in the home which uses the internet, from Tv to routers, phones and the likes. Every smart home needs this, and the device comes very easy to use, also it comes with parental guidance to protect children from the ills of the internet.

Digital Alarm Clock

Some couples keep their phones away from them during sleep to improve the quality of their sleep as phones can be a distraction. This alarm clock will ensure they wake up when they want to. It is very easy to use, large and comes with a a dimmer button and snooze button.

Beach Towels Cabana Striped

In this pack comes 4 cabana striped beach towels. Made from cotton, these towels are soft and comfortable they also come in many attractive colours. They are very absorbent and they also dry fast, just the way a beach frequenting couple will like.

Sorbus Wine Rack Stand

For the wine loving couple, something they’ll love and that will also be useful to them, this rack holds 23 bottles. Made in French style, and comes black in colour, this wine rack is sure to add some beauty to where ever it is.

Led Word Clock

Some gifts are so unique that they’ll have people asking questions wanting to know where the couple got the gift from. This clock shows the time in words, and at the same time beautifies whatever environment it is in. It is suitable for both bedroom and living room and can be placed on a table or hung on the wall.

Cocktail Making Kit

For the couple interested in mixology, here’s a kit with all the essential tools for them to use in perfecting their cocktail making skills. There are 14 pieces in this set, which comes with Hawthrone strainer, bar spoons, flat bottle opener amongst many other things.

Vegan: The Cookbook

This is probably the perfect gift for the couple who have adopted the vegan lifestyle. This book contains over 450 tasty dishes vegan dishes from over 150 countries around the world. Any vegan couple will love the opportunity to tryout these dishes.

 Umbra Prisma Picture Frame 8 by 10 inches, Black

It’s a picture frame, alright, but then again it is a really unique picture frame.  It shows a new dimension to pictures inserted into the frame. It takes the pictures beyond 2 dimensions and kind of adds a third dimension to the pictures. To complete this gift, get a 4 by 6 inches picture of the couple and insert here. It can be displayed on a table or on a wall.

August Smart Lock Pro

With the August Smart lock, the couple can lock and unlock their door from their phones. Virtual keys can also be created for visitors and locking and unlocking can be scheduled.  This will eliminate the need to keep track of the many people who the couple might have given their key to. It can be made to work with the previously existing deadbolt.  It also works with Alexa and Siri.

Photo Albums

Coming in with an embroidered Sewn leatherette cover, this album comes with space for writing just close to the pictures and can hold 200 pictures while displaying 2 per page. For the couple who have lots of pictures, they’ll appreciate this gift as it going to make viewing their pictures easier.

Nixplay Digital Photo Frame.

For the couple who’d prefer digital photo album, this album will do. So for all the couples whose pictures are on their phones, or on social media, they might not have to print it out, using the app or by email, photos can be sent to this album for viewing. With it, they can access all their social media pictures and family members who live far away can also send pictures to the device from where ever they are. It can sync a maximum of 10 frames, with 30G of storage space.

His and Her Matching T-shirt

On the shirts is the inscription “her beast his beauty”. It is a set of 2 shirts one for the man and the other for the woman, it also comes customizable. The date of the couples wedding anniversary can be customized behind the two shirts. These round neck shirts are made from cotton, they come in shorts sleeves and they are black.

Amazon Echo Show

Here’s an upgrade in the Amazon Echo, the echo show comes with a screen so one can see the news briefings, lyrics of songs or the weather update. Empowered with 8 microphones, the Echo show is empowered to even make using Alexa easier. The couple can also communicate with other friends who have the echo or Alexa app. With the Echo music can be played, lights controlled, doors lock and all other IoT devices in the house can be controlled, all by using the voice.

Personalized Wine Decanter

Airing wine has a way of adding improving the flavour and aroma of the wine. Now a decanter makes all that easier to accomplish. This decanter is made from crystal clear premium glass, and it comes with the option of customization, making it an ideal wedding anniversary gift for a wine-loving couple.

Hp Sprocket Printers

The Hp sprocket printer has made the printing of photos very much easier. Without needing ink, and all done wirelessly  2×3 inch pictures can be printed. So memories from the phone or even social media can be printed, all without ink. The printer is very portable and sturdy; for the couple who love taking pictures, here’s an ideal gift.

Crosley Usb Turntable

Analogue music is coming back, however, for the couple who enjoined it while they were young or for the couple who are music lovers, this will make a good gift. With this, the older couple can play their old vinyl records, while the younger couple can begin to enjoy the pleasure of analogue music. Some old albums have been re-issued again in vinyl and there are also some new albums in Vinyl like the Adele 25 and John Legend’s latest album. With the USB feature, the vinyl music can be converted to mp3 and stored in mobile formats.

Bean box Gourmet Coffee Sampler

Here are fresh, handpicked gourmet coffee beans for the couple who loves gourmet coffee. Four different gourmet coffees will be sent to the address you indicate every month for three months and instructions and tips on how to get the best taste from the various coffee beans will be given.

Travel Luggage Set of Two from Amazon Basics

This is the perfect gift for the couple who love to travel. It’s a set of two travel luggage in two different sizes. One comes in at 20 inches while the other comes in at 28 inches, just perfect for the couple next romantic get away. It is made of hard ABS plastic  and also comes with 4 double spinner wheels for ease of movement.

His and Her Stainless Wristwatch Set

Here’s a pair of wristwatch , made with the exact same design, the only difference is the size, the bigger one is for the male and the smaller for the female. Made from Japanese quartz, this wristwatch comes with a two year warranty. The watch can be worn both for everyday use and also for formal occasion.


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