24th May 2018 Cheap yet amazing mother's day gifts

30 Amazing Yet Cheap Mother’s Day Gifts

We usually want to get mom something nice for mother’s day, because we know that she more than deserves it. Sometimes though, good gifts can be a bit expensive. We’ve made a compilation of amazing yet cheap mother’s day gifts, and what’s more, they are all available on Amazon at under $40!

Jane Stone Triangle Necklace Bib Statement Necklace


We all know most women care about jewellery, but then again they can be expensive. Well, this statement necklace is a stunner, mom will love it. It comes in various colours and can go with anything.

Women’s Mama Bear Funny T-Shirt


Ever worn a tee shirt so comfortable you didn’t want to take it off, well this shirt is like that. It is a funny t-shirt with mama inscribed on it. It is made from lightweight high-quality cotton. The inscription is professionally printed,  they are available in several sizes, up to 5xl and are machine washable.

Style Lab Sequin Reversible Backpack Multicolor


Backpacks are not only for men, or children, some are made just for women. Like this fun backpack overlaid with gold sequins. And the sequins are also reversible to silver and then back, any woman who loves to shine and bling will love this unique mother’s day gift.



For the mom who’s crazy about vintage stuff, well here comes a vintage-inspired floral purse. It comes just with a bit of leather. Not just is this purse lovely to behold, it also comes with space for coins.



At the moment, Kimono’s are trending, and this particular design is extra cool because of its floral design. For the trendy mom this is a perfect outfit, it will look good on people of all sizes and can go on most casual and some formal clothes.

Alaroo Shiny Fish Scale Mermaid Leggings For Women Pants S-3XL


Not all leggings are created equal, the Alaroo shiny leggings comes in a class of its own. This piece of clothing is very unique, looks shiny, beautiful and will make anyone who wears it stand out. For the lady who loves mermaids stories, this is a gift she’d love. Made from soft, comfortable and stretchy fabric, it could serve many purposes. This leggings comes in many different colours.

Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science


Cookbooks will make nice mother’s day gifts for two sets of women: the one who loves to cook and the one who cant cook a stitch. The beauty of this book is that it comes with instructions for preparing many meals all delivered in the precise scientific style so that no matter her skill level, her cooking will come out great.

ANGELA & WILLIAM Womens Girls Knitted Fur Hat Real Large Raccoon Fur Pom Pom Beanie Hats

Beanie hats are cool and are a necessity during cold weather. This knitted fur hat is extra cool though, not only that it comes in several colours, but it also comes with a different coloured fur on the top of the hat. So here’s a unique mother’s day present for that cool mom.

 SojoS Aviator Sunglasses Metal Frame Flat Mirrored Lens SJ1004


Here’s something for the cool mom. These sun shades come with pink lenses, are mirrored and the frame is metallic. The sun glasses can also be gotten in many different colours. This is a perfect addition for some fun in the sun.

Maestro Pizza Scissors


So who needs pizza scissors? Lovers of pizza do. Yeah, a knife can cut pizza, but with this scissors, you don’t have to turn over the pizza to cut the other side, as one would need to do when using a knife. It will make the job, easier, faster and of course neater. The blades of the scissors are metallic and the handles are plastic for ultimate comfort.

KRUPS GX4100 Electric Spice Herbs and Coffee Grinder –

For a coffee lover, here’s a perfect mother’s day gift. This grinder comes which capacity for 15 coffee cups. If mom goes through the process of buying fresh gourmet coffee beans, this grinder will give her a perfect grind. It also can be used to grind other things, such as spices, herbs and vegetables. The product is designed beautiful and safely, so it won’t grind until the compartment is closed properly.

Sakroots Artist Circle Large Smartphone


Made from canvas and polyester, the wallet is big enough to take your phone but small enough to still be called a wallet. It can fit in the size of an iPhone 7 and still have space for cash and cards. The bag is very artistically designed, it also has detachable shoulder strap and wristlet. For the lady who loves to move around light, here’s the perfect mother’s day gift.

Mud Pie 501112   Canvas Tote


Here’s a very versatile bag, it could fit into almost all of mom’s activities. So from the office to the beach, the mall and all other travels, this classic bag will completely fit in. it is made from canvas and features an embroidered initial, perfect for those who’d like some personalization.

Chinese Laundry Women’s Posh Toe Ring Pompom Sandal.

Made from Cognac leather and beautifully decorated with pompom, this toe sandals is perfect for the summer and is sure to turn heads with it’s very colourful detailing. For the mom who loves tropical colours, this would make a unique mother’s day gift.

A Roku


For the mom who doesn’t like missing her tv shows, well here’s an easy and reliable way for her to stream her favourite shows. The Roku express comes with a remote, all you need to do is just plug your Roku to the tv using the HDMI cable which comes with it. On the screen will be very easy to follow instructions for one who’s just starting. The Roku will give mom access to over 500,000 tv shows and movies.

S’well Steel Water Bottle


Made from BPA stainless steel, this bottle is very stylishly designed. It comes in several colours and can keep your water cold for up to 24 hours, and the walls are triple so that the exterior is condensation free. Therefore your bags or your hands won’t get wet. For the mom who likes to hike, or exercise and needs to have cool water, she’ll really love this gift.

Ovente Electric Kettle

For the mom who likes to drink boiling water, or who always has a need for boiled water she’ll find this gift useful. The Ovente electric kettle has a capacity of 1.5litres boils water very quickly, turns off the kettle when the water reaches the boiling point and also helps in keeping the water warm after it has boiled.

ShedRain Auto Open Bubble With Sewn Fabric Border, Black and Clear

You’d see certain umbrellas and you’d just wish it would rain so that you could use it. This particular Shedrain umbrella is one of those types. Made from see-through fabric with a canopy of about 52”, this umbrella is very sturdy, mom would use again and again. The umbrella is transparent at the top, so she’ll see the sight of the beauty of the rain as it falls all around but none will touch her. This is something to have on hand for those times when it rains.

Embossed Metal Floral Decorative Vase

Does mom love flowers, here’s a way to add some beauty into any room in the house. This vase is made from metal, elegantly designed and comes embossed with flowers. It can become the centre piece in any room, and at 17 inches, it can fit on a shelf or on a table.

Planet E reusable Shopping Bags


For the mom who cares about the environment, here’s a shopping bag for her. They come in many cool colours, they have reinforced bottoms to ensure your groceries are safe. The bags re also collapsible for ease of packaging and they are made from recycled plastic.

IMUSA Granite Molcajete Spice Grinder

For the mom who loves Latino meals, or would just love to grind her spices and herbs herself, this granite mortar and pestle will make that job easier and faster. The molcajete is made from granite, therefore it is more stable and would neither absorb the flavours nor the oils of whatever mom grinds.

Kai Perfumed Rose Oil

If your mother loves the fragrance of Rose, then you can be sure she’ll love the intoxicating smell of the Kai Rose Perfume oil. It is a blend of Rose, Gardenia and other sweet smelling essential oils, all put in an easy to use roll-on bottle. This yet another amazing and cheap mother’s day gift, you could get her.

Home is Where Mom is Mug

We all know the mom is the one that makes the home, so tell mom, home is where she is with this mug. It will even make more sense if you stay far away from mom. And whenever she wakes up to take her tea or coffee, she’ll always have a smile on her face as she reads the inscription on the mug, you’d be the reason for that smile.

BRG Apple Watch Case

For the cool mom’s or wife who uses Apple wrist watches, we know they’d like to protect them since Apple watches are expensive. That’s what the BRG Apple watch case does, it comes with shock, shatter, scratch and of course water resistance.  The case is very stylish, the band is soft, beautiful and comes perforated.  The BRG watch case comes in various attractive colours.

Godiva Assorted Chocolate box

This 19 count chocolate box from Godiva is the number 1 best seller on Amazon, and it is not difficult to see why. It comes with an assortement of chocolates, with flavours that will wow mom’s taste buds. The chocolate comes in a ribboned gold gift pack, beautifully designed, you can be sure mom will love these Belgian chocolates.

Apexel 5 in 1 camera lens kit

For the mom who loves to take pictures, this is a very tasteful gift. This camera kit comes with various lenses for different purposes while taking pictures, it has the telescopic lens for taking long-range pictures, the wide angle lens and two others. The most important thing is that all these lenses can be attached to any smartphone. It also comes with a tripod and a Bluetooth remote so that the photographer can also take part in pictures.

Ball Shaped gold plated earring

Here’s a beautifully made earing, made of 18K Gold Plated, Swarovski crystal metal. the earring is multicoloured, simple and still very exquisite. So for the mom who loves jewellery pieces which stand out, this is a good mother’s day gift for her.

Klikel Bronze Metal Family Tree with 6 Hanging Picture Photo Frames

This is another amazing yet cheap mother’s day gift. It’s a photo tree with space for six picture space, perfect for displaying pictures of family members. The tree is first a nice decorative piece that can hang on the wall or on a table, here’s a perfect mother’s day gift.

Bath Tub Pillow

The bath tub is a place for destressing in the house, adding a pillow to the headrest all makes it the more fun. this pillow is ultra soft and very comfortable, it comes with suction cups, 7 in number, to keep the pillow stationary on teh bath tub.

LANGRIA Bath Tray Bamboo Bathtub Caddy with Extending Sides 

You know how everyone always wants to do something extra while relaxing the in the bathtub, maybe drink wine, watch something on the tab but there’s’ no convenient way to do it. Well, there actually is, and all you need for that is a tray, this bamboo tray. The tray features holders for tabs and also has space for books, wine glass and a few other things. and the end of the tray is extendable with rubber at the sides so that it can fit into any bathtub and still not scratch it. This tray is made from bamboo, it is very sturdy and has a load capacity of 11lbs.  If your mom or wife loves to relax in the bathtub, here’s another amazing yet cheap mother’s day gift you could get her.

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