19th May 2018 25 unusual mother's day gifts

25 Unusual Mother’s Day Gift Items to Wow Your Mom

Tired of getting the same old gifts for mom? Looking for inspiration for some unique mother’s day gift ideas? Search no more, in this article we’ll be providing you with 25 unusual mother’s day gift items to wow your mom.

Yarn Bowl Valet Unbreakable – Rubberized

If mom likes to knit, then this is a great mother’s day present. This bowl is made of plastic with rubber underneath. Therefore it will not break, and the rubber bottom will keep it from slipping on smooth surfaces. This bowl will help yarn to remain untangled. Helping her avoid all the hassle, tangled yarns are known to cause.

Howard Elliot 11062 Mirrored Wall Shelf

This is a nice gift for mum, especially if she loves functional art pieces. This is a floating shelf made with stepped mirrored layers. It doesn’t just keep stuff, but it also reflects whatever that is placed on it, adding to the overall beauty of the home. The shelf is perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms or even hallways.

Leather Accents Baguette Bag

This is definitely one of those pieces that will make mum uuh and aah, while she says to you, “you shouldn’t have bothered” as her eyes light up in delight. Made from soft leather with gold accents, this bag comes in various beautiful colours and is bound to make some statement.

Upside Down Wine Glass


Here’s is a unique mother’s day present. It is a wine glass with a difference, and if mum has a sense of humour, she’ll totally love this.  The bottom is the top and the top is the bottom. It does look great and will be a funny and quirky addition to her wine glass collection, that is for the mum who loves wines.

BenchMark Bouquet  Multi Coloured Tulips with Vase


Not all mums love flowers, but if your mum does then you should totally get this set. It comes with different Tulips of various colours. They come fresh, with a vase and they look very beautiful. Mum will really be grateful for this gift.

NixPlay WiFi Cloud Digital Photo Frame


Mum always likes to know what’s going on in her children’s lives. This is an online photo book, where you can also post pictures for mum to see. So she doesn’t have to wait until you post the pictures on social media or when you see each other. With the digital photo frame you can share all those family fun times from anywhere you are in the world.

Heirloom Vegetable Seeds for Gardening


Sometimes as mums get older, they like to nurture something, especially while waiting for their grandchildren. If your mum likes gardening or has indicated any interest in the hobby, then this seed pack will be a great starter. The Heirloom vegetable seeds pack contains 15,000 seeds of 32 vegetable varieties, enough for more than one planting season. If she loves to garden, she’ll be delighted at this gift.

DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser


For the mum who’s crazy about working out, or if she’s just trying to ease into it, you might want to consider getting her this gift. It works like your stationary gym bike, except that this is way smaller, can fit under a desk and comes with a wider resistance range. All that is needed to use this is a chair and free legs. It can be used anywhere and anytime. So you can help mum keep fit while eliminating gym membership fees.

PITAYA Sports Yoga Headbands for Women


There’s nothing more annoying during a workout than getting hair into the eyes or having it stick to a sweaty forehead. If mom likes to workout, these headbands will be very beneficial. Not only will it keep her hair in place, it can also be used to hold earphones in place. During colder months it can also be used to cover the ear from cold. This particular brand comes in four beautiful colours.

Stone Summit Deluxe 4 Person Picnic Basket


This is ready to use “picnic basket”, comes with four sets of utensils; cups, plates and full sets of cutleries and one wine opener. It also comes with blankets, 4 napkins and leak-proof container for food and drink storage. The compartment can keep your refreshments hot or cold for hours. The whole contraption comes in a sturdy and easy to carry compartment. This is an amazing mother’s day gift, as it reduces all the stress mum has to go through when she’s preparing for a picnic.

Jo Malone ‘Orange Blossom’ Scented Home Candle


You can have mum’s home smelling nice all day long with little, effort. All she has to do is light one of these candles. So there’ll be no need for air-fresheners and the rest of that. If mum loves her home smelling nice, she’ll definitely love these orange blossoms.

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer


Cold coffee tastes like crap; this mug warmer eliminates that problem. Just have her plug it into a power source and it will keep your tea, coffee and what have you warm for as long as you want it. The cord is really long and it comes with a switch, so you can turn it on or off when it gets to the temperature you want it to be.

Tree of Life Jewellery Holder


If mum has loads of jewellery, I’m sure she’ll appreciate this gift. Since she doesn’t have to dig through to find her whatever piece she wants at a particular time. With its 30 branches, she’ll never be at loss anymore as to how to store her jewellery. This tree is also very lovely to behold. It can also serve as a decorative piece for a room.

Glass and Brass Metal Jewellery Shadow Box


If your mum likes to flaunt her jewellery, this could just be the best gift for mother’s day you could give her. Not only will this help display the jewellery, it will also keep them organised with the six compartments which this box comes with. It comes with a glass lid also, therefore the lovelies inside the box will be easier to admire. It will also make a good decorative piece or a conversation starter.

11X11 Inch Shadow Box Frame with Soft Linen Back


With a soft linen backing, this box can be used to display memorabilia, medals or just keep memory safe. It comes with wooden sides and glass front, for efficient display of memories.  Mum can keep pictures her too, awards, concert tickets and what have you. This box can either be hung on the wall or stood on its sides on a table.

Wireless Bluetooth Beanie


This knit hat comes with stereo speakers and microphone. If mum likes to exercise or just take her music with her wherever she’s going, then this is a nice gift for mum. She can use it while exercising, or as a head warmer in colder weather. It is Bluetooth enabled and comes with a mic, so she can use it in receiving calls. The battery and speaker drivers can also be taken out for the cap to be washed.

Zodiac Signs Cut Out Stainless Steel Disc Necklace (Gemini)


If your mum is into horoscopes here’s a very simple gift to get her. This necklace comes attached with a pendant of a particular zodiac sign. So just learn mum’s zodiac sign and get her a necklace with her zodiac sign on it.

Tile Slim – Phone Finder, Wallet Finder, Anything Finder

This is a good mother’s day gift, for the mum who’s always searching for her phone, keys, wallet e.t.c. The Tile is a tracking device about the size of two credit cards. It helps her keep tabs on where her stuff is. And if she misplaces her phone, all she has to do is double tap on the tile, and the phone will ring, even if it is in silent mode. The phone also can be used to find the tile, if the tile goes missing. The tile is small enough to fit into a bag or wallet and also can be attached to a laptop, tab or any place.

North Face E-tip Gloves


You know how uncomfortable it can be to take off gloves just to use a smartphone during winter. These e-tip gloves solve the problem. The gloves are very soft and comfortable. The five fingers also come with touchscreen capability, and also gripper palms. Mum would need this and any other person who lives in colder climates.

Wine Storage Organizer Display Table


For the mum who’s a wine connoisseur, or just a lover of wine, you should totally get her this gift. It is a two in one piece. The top made from marble, serves as a wine table, while the under made of metal rings serve as a storage/ wine display. It can store up to 12 wine bottles at a time. The piece is really beautiful and well designed, so it could also serve as a decorative piece.

enevu Cube


Either indoors or outdoors, winter or summer, bedside or picnic table, this white light is just perfect companion. This cube comes with soft white light; it can also be set to give multiple colours. The level of brightness can be increased or decreased. And all the power it needs is just some AA batteries. This is a truly unique gift and she’d love it!

Bel Air Naturals Essential Oils Diffuser


This is almost like bringing the spa to the house. With this oil diffuser, she can enjoy the best features of aromatherapy, diffuser and air purifier. This will fill the house with the aroma of essential oils, removing unwanted odours while purifying the air. If she loves to go to the spa or just loves her home smelling nice, then she’ll love this gift.

Pet Hammock


For the pet lover, this is a great gift to get. Imagine humans lounging on the beach, this is exactly what the pet hammock achieves. It is a lounging bed for small animals, cats, small dogs and the likes. The body is made from fleece material and the frame is wooden. The piece looks beautiful all together.

Cuckoo 8 in 1 Multi Pressure Cooker


This is a programmed cooking pot. It comes with different cooking modes, and with preset time and temperature.  Some of the modes include for rice, soup, meat, browning fry, auto steam, just to mention a few. This pot will help reduce the amount of time mum spends cooking, so she can have more time for other things.

Ever Faith Dragon Fly Brooch


Some art pieces are just statement makers, and that is exactly what this jewel is. This brooch is beautiful and comes shaped as a dragon fly, reminiscent of Victorian eras. All she has to do is to pin it on her evening dress if she wants to look simple or on a casual dress to take the dress up a notch.

Here are 25 gifts selections; your gifts selections will never be boring again.

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