21st May 2018

20 Personalized Gifts for Mom

Nothing says I love you or I care about you more than a personalized gift. It shows mom that you’ve have put more than a passing thought to the gift. We shall be seeing 20 mother’s day personalized gifts to give you an idea of how to go about this.

Personalized Champagne Flute

For the mom who loves wine or champagne, this will be the perfect mother’s day gift. The company “Glass With a Twist” specializes in making these glasses. They are all handmade and whatever text you want is engraved unto the glass. So it could be her name, her favourite quote or even an inside joke.


Gold Heart Personalized Pendant Necklace

On the front of the necklace is usually the initial of the person’s first name, and behind is the quote “one in a million”. The Gold Heart personalized necklace comes with a gold pendant and a cable chain. This will make a good personalized gift for any of the moms in your life.


Umbra Prisma Photo Display

This is a glass frame, which comes in the shape of a prism. The picture is suspended between two glasses, making it even look much more beautiful. It can be kept on the table, or hung on the wall. To complete this gift, just add her favourite picture or a picture of the two of you together, and present it to her.


Mother’s Day Wine Bottle Label Stickers

For the wine-loving mum, this will be a good mother’s day present. Buy her favourite wine, and then just slap on these stickers to the wine bottles, that is after you must have cleaned the bottle of dust, and made sure, it is at room temperature. These stickers come with great inscriptions for mum, such as “best mom ever” amongst others.  


Personalized Bookmark

If your mom or wife is a book lover, these bookmarks would make great things for mother’s day gifts for her. They come two in a pack, and on them are engraved beautiful messages for mum or wife. On one is engraved “you are my sunshine”, and the other one is “I love you to the mom and back”. Not only will it help mom keep track of where she’s in a book, it will always remind her of how much you love her.


Mom I Love You Engraved Spoon

Boston creative company makes this kind of gifts. Apart from this title, they have also many other titles for mum and even have a few for wives. All of them engraved on spoons, both on eating and cooking spoons.


Knock Knock “What I love About Mom” Fill in the Love Journal

This book comes in hardcover with plastic jacket. Basically, it contains fill – in- the- blank lines, which helps you describe how much you love your mom. If you’ve not told mom you love her recently, this is an opportunity to do in an unforgettable way.


Personalized Passport Cover Holder

This passport wallet is made of leather, really soft beautiful leather. And it comes with the option of you customizing the wallet with initials or whatever quotes you wish. So go ahead customize it with mom’s full names, her initials or her favourite quote.


Symbols of Law and Justice – Gift Pen with Light and Stylus Tip

For the mom who’s a bad ass, maybe busting criminals, or for the legal practitioner, this will make a great gift. Just make sure she’s in this kind of line of work for the gift to make sense to her.


Qianruna Personalized Custom 2D/3D Laser Photo Engraving Crystal Glass Heart 

If you want mom to get all teary and emotional, get her this beautiful Qianruna Personalized Custom 2D/3D Laser Photo Engraving Crystal Glass Heart. She’ll really appreciate this gift. Just make sure you choose your best image together and a beautiful text. Send these with ORDER ID to INFO@TRUELOVECRYSTAL.COM at the point of purchase. You might also want to consider the more portable key-chain version of this gift.


Personalized Monogram Keychain with Initials

These acrylic key chains can be made in any colour of your choice. I hope you still remember mom’s favourite colour. They can also be personalized with a monogram of your choice, could be an image or initials. This is a great way for mom to hold her keys, or also serves as an addition to zippers of purse or bags.

Personalized iPhone Case with Customizable Picture

If your wife or mom has an iPhone, you might want to get her this shock absorbent and scratch proof case. Not just for its functionality but because it comes customizable. It can be customized with any image of your choice. Just upload a digital version of her favourite pix, with the desired text, and wait for the smile on her face when she gets this gift.


Handmade Mac Book Case

This leather case is made for very beautiful brown leather; basically, it is made for caring Mac books. There are other sizes for other laptop brands too. The beautiful thing is the customizable feature which this product comes with.  Mom or wife’s initials can be monogrammed on this bag, with your asking. This will make a great gift for the career mom, and of course, it will set her apart from her colleagues.


GiftsForYouNow Ice Cream Bowl

Ladies love ice-cream generally, but if it is a staple for your mom then an ice-cream bowl will be in order. And this particular one comes customizable. You can add two lines of text for free, in whatever color you like too.


Personalized Notebook, Laser Engraved

For the mom who loves to write, or loves to keep a journal, this is a great gift to get her. The book is handmade, and with it comes a lot of customizable options, including text and even logos. This is the perfect mother’s day gift for the mother who likes to write.


Personalized Jewellery Box

A nice gift for mom who loves jewellery would be a jewellery box. This box is designed in Victorian fashion with a lacquer and silver finishing. Then it can also be customized according to your wishes with 2 lines of text on the box. This could be a name, initials or anything you want.


Monogrammed Fingertip Towels

Some people have everything, and there’s almost nothing you can think of getting them. Well, this towel will just be an amazing mother’s day gift for such a woman. These hand towels are really very soft, made from absorbent cotton and of course they come with initials on them. This will just be a nice way to class up mom’s bathroom. They come in a set of 4 and are gold embroidered.


Personalized Apron Embroidered Chef

There are some moms who love the kitchen if your mom or wife is one of them, here’s a very easy way to appreciate all her cooking, in a fashionable manner. At the Apron Place, you can customize her name unto the apron for free. The word “Chef” will be included in front of the name to make it something like “Chef Mom”. Nice gift huh?


Personalized Wooden Spatula and Spoon Set

These kitchen utensils from Cookbook People come with great quality. They are made from Beech Hard Wood; therefore you’re sure mom will have these spoons and spatula for long. When you order these utensils, there’s room for adding text to the handle. So it could be her name, initial or your nickname. You’d, however, be sure mom would be pleased when she sees this spoon and spatula set.


“Everything is Better in Mom’s Kitchen” Trivet

If you agree with the above statement, then you should get this trivet for your mom. This trivet is made from bamboo, and the words “Everything is better in Mom’s Kitchen”. This trivet will always bring a smile to mom, or to whoever eats in her kitchen.


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