18th June 2018

15 Splendid Gifts for her Birthday

Gifts are ways to show we care about people, and birthdays are a time to show love and appreciation for those close to us. Sometimes it can be a hassle getting the perfect gift for those special ladies in your life. That’s why we have made a list of splendid gifts on her birthday. These gifts cut across age and taste we are sure you’ll find something she’ll love.

Adidas Tubular Shadow Women’s Sneakers

The cool thing about this Adidas sneakers is the comfort which they offer and the fact that they are very stylish. So for the woman who loves to workout, or sometimes needs some comfortable shoes this is ideal. It comes in a very beautiful pink colour, with cushioned insole and of course, the Adidas branding on the body is a huge extra.

Sagaform Stoneware Herbal Pot

For the lady with a green thumb, here’s a good birthday gift for her. The Sagaform stoneware herbal pot just makes it easy for one to keep plants in the home. The pot is made from white stoneware; it features a watering hole, so water doesn’t get spilled over the counter. So she can always have fresh herbs and enjoy the beauty they bring to a room.

Women’s Fluffy Memory Foam Cozy Slippers

Made with an anti-skid Pvc sole, and then very soft, with comfortable memory foam insole, any lady will love this indoor footwears. They are extremely comfortable, and stylish, and they’ll be great after a long day at work in work shoes.

Tom Ford Lip Lacquer

This is an innovation from Tom Ford, here’s a long lasting Lip lacquer that gives rich vivid colour. It is liquid, and it produces a plumping effect on the lips and also moisturizes in the process.

Female Cross Body Bag

Just like shoes, women can never seem to have enough bags. This crossbody bag is made for the chic and stylish person at heart. It features a soft shoulder strap for carrying it, and also it has various pockets for phones, cash e.t.c. This messenger bag is versatile and will serve for almost any kind of informal situation. It is little, not bulky so it won’t take much space. The bag is made from Polyurethane leather and comes in several amazing colours.

Pack Potted Succulents, Rooted in Planter Pots with Soil

Apart from being used for food plants also serve aesthetic purposes. The challenge with plants is that some people don’t have the skill or time to look after them. If she falls into this category and yet loves plants, succulents might be a good solution. Succulents require very little water to thrive, and these species have been handpicked for their beauty and their ease of care. It a set of 5 potted succulent plants, all in the pot with soil and also easy to follow instructions on care of the plants.

Guess Watch For Women

This timepiece is an example of where functionality and aesthetics meet. Here’s an artistic master piece, Gold toned wristwatch, with baguette cut crystals. The strap is stainless bracelet, and it is water resistant for up to 100m.

Women’s Sparkle Colourful Clutch

Here’s an exquisite evening clutch bag, the perfect birthday gift for any lady in your life, most especially younger ladies.  This bag is Navy blue with colourful Rhinestones. It has gold detailing and a removable Gold strap. The bag is small enough to be held comfortably in one hand and it is big enough to take smartphones, lip gloss, mirror and other lady things.

Portable Blanket

Blankets don’t have to be bulky, even outdoor blankets. And here’s is a waterproof/sand proof blanket that’s very portable, can even fit in some pockets. The blanket is very versatile, can fit 2 – 4 people, also it has a hood so that it can be converted into a poncho when it starts raining. Here’s one blanket that can suit all the needs of an outdoor loving person.

Lip Gloss/Lip Stick Organizer

We all know how lip gloss and lipstick containers can be all around the dressing table, and how very prone they are to being knocked over especially in a place where there are children. This organizer fits lipsticks or various sizes, both large and high end. It also stores MAC lipstick upside down so that one can see the label easily. This might just be amongst the most splendid birthday gifts she’s ever received. With this organizer, she can say goodbye to a scattered dressing table.

A2 B&O Portable Bluetooth Speakers

For the lady who almost can’t do without music, she’ll love this gift. Also made for the active person in mind, this B and O Bluetooth speaker comes with a carrying strap and 24 hours battery life, and two A2 B and O speakers can be connected for a bigger sound production. Music production is top quality and speaker also comes dust and splash proof.

BenchMark Flower Bouquets – 15 Multicoloured tulips

The beauty of Tulips is that they can be given to any lady, whether a love interest, a spouse or just a platonic friend. These ones from Bench flowers come in several colours, very beautiful and they are sure to add beauty to any room they are in. These flowers can last for up to one week with just water and flower food which comes with the flower. Flowers are a great gift for ladies on all occasions because they make great supporting gifts and also good stand-alone gfits.

Personalized Bracelet – Wire Name Cuff

Seeing our names on objects can be flattering a lot of times. Personalized gifts take some time to make, and they show that some thoughtfulness went into making this gift. It is a perfect birthday gift for any lady you hold dear.  Handmade from 12k gold, this bracelet is sure to bring smiles to her face. The beautiful thing about this is that it is customizable, with the person’s name written in with metal, and woven into the makeup of the bracelet.

Mabel Chong Glimmer Birthstone Necklace Glimmer Earrings Sky Blue Topaz

Mabel Chong jewellery pieces are a lot of times iconic, just as they are light-hearted and elegant. Handmade in San Francisco, these dangling earrings are made with a combination of 14k gold filled chain, Gold disk and Topaz blue stone. These stones are sky blue and would actually add a bit of brightness to the lady’s day.

Lavender Relaxation Gift Box

Here’s an excellent gift box, it contains shower gel, bubble bath, bath crystals amongst others, all with the aroma of lavender that any lady is sure to love. In this box is contained all to help her having a very relaxing bath. And it comes well packaged in a gift box complete with purple bow, which eliminates the last minute rush for gift wraps.

Wide Angle Selfie Lens

You know how selfies don’t always come out as perfectly as we would want, well with this lens, there is a higher chance of her selfies always coming out top notch. It is easily attached to the phone, and it will easily improve the quality of pictures she takes. This is obviously will make a great gift for a young lady or the young at heart.

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